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Design, Form, Function & Ecology

At StratoJet, our mission is to build the very best printers you will use for years, to make and save money. We invest our resources into building rock solid hardware and continually developing cutting-edge automation instead of advertising.

StratoJet is a Boutique Manufacturer, creating hand built super structures using the world’s most reliable components and loaded with our automated features; not plastic printers on an assembly line.

Our Inks, Materials, Research and Development and build process are all done with the Environment in mind.


Past Present Future

Since 1995, StratoJet has built a reputation as a Formidable and Innovative Tech Development Company and Boutique Manufacture to produce its own innovative and cutting-edge Printers. We develop our printing solutions, from the ground up, with direct feedback from the industries needs and our long-time customer base. We don’t spend our time and massive amounts of money on marketing but spend it on R&D, identifying the world’s best components and do vigorous long-term field tests before launching new printers.

Our straightforward and rugged designs with intuitive and innovative work-flow simplifications, allows you to easily print high-quality images fast, while quickly responding to your ever-changing market’s needs.

Now and the Future

StratoJet printers are already well ahead of the Industry but don't let it catch up to you in a few years; invest in upgradability!

Benefits You Can Make Money With

  • Field Upgradable
  • Reliability and Consistent Print Quality
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Operation
  • Tech Innovations and Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Automated Printing Process
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain

Innovative and Robust

To increase reliability, StratoJet uses high-end Servo motors instead of using significantly inexpensive and low consistency DC motors. To ensure fidelity across the print image, particularly when working on tiled applications. StratoJet chooses to use an ink delivery system that 'pulls' the ink with vacuum, instead of the much less efficient positive pressure system, all other printers use. Ever heard of Inks drying in the Heads...?

Remote Tech

We use the highest quality components in our printers and designed ground up with serviceability in mind. If there's an issue, with a password, we log into your printer remotely, then read, evaluate log files and fix issues remotely; yes, remotely! We found the most of service calls are not due to hardware issues. Stratojet starts by training our technicians to be application experts before they become a hardware technician.

More for Less

Our LED lamps have exceptional long life and low-power consumption. The lamps don't need to warm up and instantly cures the ink, while generating low heat, to allow more print applications that are heat sensitive. Depending on the media or printing environment, static can cause quality issues. To minimize this, an anti-static bar is built into the printer carriage.
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We don't just provide Printer Solutions that fits but Invest in the future of your business. StratoJet will earn your business now and in the future!
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